Thursday, July 31, 2008

Precious 'GIFT'

My Lil Bro n Dad (2003Esfahan,Iran)

Assalamualaikum wbt…

In the name of allah most gracious most merciful..

It has been so long that I jot nothing down here.. for months… luckly not for years.. right?
But, Alhamdulillah.. with His pleasure and love..
Today, all of the sudden.. some kind of courage just came into me..
and force me to drop by for a while.. to type out something in this corner.. though I am actually wondering what am I going to say out here..
Well.. Yea..
May be things I should share here is…
The months that passed by has actually grown me a lot.. I mean.. made me develop more..knowing and understanding what is the life all about…and may be what is the 'world' actually all about…
So many new things happened to me…So many new experience I need to face..
Can't even being describe here.. But.. just to say that..
All these have made me ponder and wonder…
And made me more believe..
How life is actually sucks and horrible…
if I'm standing still or even moving ahead without
the most PRECIOUS GIFT called 'Al-IMAN'..
One cannot even do anything.. But with His Bless and Love..
Good or Bad.. each and everything comes from ALLAH swt…
The Belief inside you allow you to have the strength…the courage and the power.. to go through the 'life' again and again.. after you seems to be frustrated by the games played by the 'WORLD'…
We can hope nothing from no one… as you'll get upset or heartbreaking..
BUT.. HOPE is always there WITH HIS LOVE and MERCY…

Just a few minutes ago, before writing down all these words..
ALLAH just remind me HIS BORDERLESS LOVE with a verse in the HOLY QURAN which means;
"Don't ever for you to feel some kind of pathetic, and don't ever for you to feel sad.. cause you are at the highest (level).. as long as you are the believers (mukminin)." (3:139)

So, I'm here to share with you, my dear readers..

Certainly, no doubt.. LIFE is sometimes full of Miserable..!
As it is not created to make us FALL into it..
But.. LIFE is Precious..
When You get to KNOW the Love of the Life-CREATOR…

Could you get it, frenz..??

Wallahua'lam.. wasalam..

July 30, 2008
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