Monday, September 1, 2008

reflection on SBE 2008

Reflection on SBE 2008

When I stepped out from the school gate on the last day, I have mixed feeling inside me. Although I was there merely for School-Based Experience, it made me ponder a lot; am I ready to become a teacher? Through my observations and discussions, this SBE has really become an eye-opener for me.

After 7 years leaving my primary school time, I was not aware about the changes happen in the primary education field particularly. The positive and negative effects brought by the advancement of technology and globalization into the school were merely heard and read through the media. However, this two-week SBE programme has really benefited me as it has opened my eyes widely to see the reality of today's world particularly among the primary kids.

For instance, based on one of my discussions with the school counselors, they mentioned that the kids nowadays are no longer the same as the kids at my time. At the age of ten to twelve, many of the students particularly from that school itself have already involved in serious discipline or moral problems such as smoking, watching pornographic videos and young-age sexual intercourse. These may be a surprise for certain people including me, myself at first. Nonetheless, this is the fact of today's world.

Certainly, everyone could point to each other to justify the reasons for those problems. But, I personally realize that the teacher's role is vital in educating students' heart and mind. No one knows about the students' problems, but the teachers.

Thus, i am still wondering.. whether i am ready or not to face this challenge for the rest of my teaching life.. Subhanallah..Nevertheless,as a beginning teacher, at this point of time..the best reaction for me is to start seriously upgrading myself to ensure that i am going to be a good and effective teacher. A teacher who able to excellently touch the students' heart and mind as well as leave some changes in their life. Hopefully, this awareness would always burn me to work harder to achieve this aspiration.


17 august 2008